Our main goal is to create communities, connecting people who are passionate about Indonesia and who share a common goal. We aim to create bridges and opportunities for people to channel their passion for Indonesia and we create access to those who are willing to explore Indonesia in many different areas.


In addition to our main objective, we also campaign to support education in Indonesia, we do this by campaigning to collect books for schools, local libraries and universities in the country.


We also make some contribution to the empowerment of women in Indonesia by promoting hand-crafted textile such Batik & Tenun (Ikat) to hand-made textile lovers in the UK and globally. We do this by creating small textile shows & exhibitions, attending group discussions and introducing Indonesian textiles within textile societies in the UK, assisting the weavers to market their products globally and we campaigns to collect reading glasses for the senior weavers to support their work.


Please join us and share your experience and expertise to make our campaign successful. Your support will make a huge different to many people's lives in Indonesia, particularly children.


Thank you for your visit to this website today and we hope to see you again soon.



Connect Indonesia, The Charity